Water Gel Blanket

Molten Metal Splash
Molten Metal Splash


“AGNI KAVACH” brand Indigenous water gel blanket has been developed by us for, Indian Navy, under D.O.I. (Department of Indigensation).

It consists of 100% woolen blanket pre soaked in a scientifically formulated therapeutic gel, capable of withstanding extremely high temperature. The details of material are as per following.

a) Carrier base fabric: 100% woolen fabric capable of holding up to 13 times its own weight of water based gel.

b) Hydrogel: The gel is made from water and natural extract of plants / vegetables, gelling agent. The gel is water soluble, non toxic and bio degradable.

Size of blanket
Size : 5 ft x 6 ft : 12,999/-
Size : 5 ft x 8 ft : 13,999/-
Size : 6 ft x 8 ft : 14,999/-

Water Gel blanket having minimum 3 years shelf life for medical purpose and 5 years for fire emergencies.

1) Rescuing the person trapped in fire by wrapping the blanket.
2) Extinguishes fire.
3) Gel on the blanket starts healing the burn wounds of the victim.
4) In case of emergencies, can also be used to handle hot metals.

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