Molten Metal Splash Apparels

Molten Metal Splash
Molten Metal Splash
Molten Metal Splash

Molten Metal Splash Apparels are intended to be used in areas where there is continuous exposure to sparks and splashes.

Metal Protection garments protect against splash from molten metals such as aluminum, iron,etc. These are made from Aramid MetalPro and Aramid MetalPro Plus fabrics. Garment made from both Aramid MetalPro and Aramid MetalPro Plus fabrics are Dupont is invention & have been developed to achieve uncompromised protection with maximum comfort and improved wear life.

The highly engineered fabric in these garments provides a soft, lightweight feel, but protects against molten metal splash, radiant heat, flame and other smelting hazards. The fabrics resist molten metal splashes, even when they occur repeatedly in the same area.

Quality Molten metal protective clothing offers protection for those working with hot metals day in and day out. The high quality of our garments keeps you safe in the hottest of conditions, without any loss of comfort.

You need molten metal protective clothing, but you need to move sometimes extremely quickly! There is nothing like being able to move when you need to move with freedom of movement you need in your workplace environment. Yes, you can move freely while staying cool in the hottest environment and atmosphere.

Just because you need flame protection does not mean you do not live on a budget. You will find this molten metal protection is developed to be a cost effective solutions to your needs. No, this is not a cheap purchase, but you are making an investment in your future with each purchase. If you did not need optimal protection, you could purchase an oven mitt, but you need the maximum protection over a long period of time. This means you invest into your career and your own safety. This is definitely a wise decision.

Good fit
There is noting as bad as having workplace apparel that does not fit appropriately. This is not a problem when you turn to molten metal protective clothing because this comes in a wide array of sizes and choices perfect for men as well as women. There is nothing comparative to the exceptional quality you get when you trust molten metal apparel.

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